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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Band Logo Designs

In my Concepts class we were given a band name using a random band name generator website. The band name I was given was "Melon Morale". We were assigned to create what kind of band they would be, what their logos would look like, and who their target audience is.

After doing research, I came to the conclusion to do an all-girl Japanese pop group. This being because melons in Asian cultures are considered symbols of luck and unity. "Morale" being a word that describes happiness within a group. (Also I just really like J-Pop anyways so why not?)

Two different variants on a watermelon-based logo. Three seeds in the watermelon to represent the three members of the group. The Japanese text reads "Meron no shiki" which translates to "Morale of Melon". 

Logo with green stroke/border and melons in the type (left), and smaller initial logos (right)

Logo incorporating three melon characters to represent each group member.

The three melon characters. A cantaloupe, Japanese melon, watermelon.

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