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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Animal Acrylic Grisaille Painting

In my Concepts class we were doing acrylic paintings of an animal reference photo in the Grisaille painting style... doing a drawing, and then a value-study, and then glazing transparent color over top of the value.

This was my reference photo:

And then the drawing of the reference. The arm in front when drawn out didn't look correct so I was essentially forced to redraw the arm from a different reference photo.

We were given a color scheme, which mine was Complimentary colors, so I chose blue and orange for the final painting. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fairy Tale Mashups

 The assignment for my Studio Concepts class was to create "fairy tale mashups" by combining a fairy tale with a time period. We started by making sketches of four different variations.

Prehistoric Jack Sprat
Victorian Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Futuristic Little Miss Muppet

Medieval Three Little Pigs
I really liked the idea of "Futuristic Little Miss Muffet" so I decided to redraw it with a different approach.

We then had to choose our two favorite sketches and make line drawings of each.
Futuristic Little Miss Muffet
Prehistoric Jack Sprat

We presented the two of our line drawings in a group critique. Afterwards we made our changes as advised.

Final Line Drawing: Futuristic Little Miss Muffet

And then we started a value study in class of our final line drawing.

Unfinished Value Study of Futuristic Little Miss Muffet

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Digital Methods Research

In my Digital Methods class we are making a T-Shirt design using a past art style as inspiration. We were each given an art style to be our catalyst. Mine given was Hellenistic Vase Painting. Above is a color pallete chosen of five colors that are commonly used in the style, along with an example image and some of our research. The middle color is the constant which is used to show the simultaneous contrast of the background colors on the constant.

Soon we will be making a t-shirt design based on this color palette and art style.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Figure Drawing: Planar Structure

I hadn't done figure drawing in a while, and we were told not to erase ANYTHING, which is why you'll see a giant head sketched beside him in this one. We were to draw the model nude for about 30 minutes, then a drape was placed over the model and we were to draw it over him, also showing the planar structure of the drape over him, breaking the drape down into shapes where its major folds are located.

Planar structure in the body as well as with the drapery. His head is a bit too big in this one...

This time the model was wearing a robe and we were to do the same planar structure techniques as before, however the robe had a lot less folds in it and they were a lot similar to his body shape.

Ad Graph: Book Cover Redesign.

This is my current assignment in my Ad Graph class, it is to redesign a how-to book cover based on our major. I chose "Creative Character Design" by Bryan Tillman. I originally wanted to do an art book but it specifically had to be a "how-to"...

Creative Character Design by Bryan Tillman
This is the original cover that I will be re-designing. I felt as if the concept of the cover is nice, but the overall art and the design of the character were a bit lacking. Specifically in the color value / shading in the final character design.

We were assigned to make 4 color semi-comps. This was the first of mine. This one not being exactly my favorite, but I wanted to show the how character design starts with sketching, and I also wanted to give it a comic book feel that the original cover seemed to want to give.

This is my second comp. Here I've introduced what I think is a more interesting character than the one shown in the original cover. I tried to use a more "creative" font choice, although I wasn't 100% happy with this as it gave a too "feminine" feel that might not show that the book gives a wide variety of character design.

The third comp. Using the same character from the second, but showing the steps necessary to make the final. This of course does now show a final character design, I simply colored in areas to show that the final step is adding color. This is the comp I used to carry into my final but it still needs more work done to it such as a background...

My final comp for this assignment. I tried to focus more on attractive typing, settling with ST Scott as the preferred font choice for this project. I will likely be incorporating this gradient effect into the font shown on my third comp (above) which will hopefully help it. However, this design I felt didn't show enough of the character sketches. (but theres no hurt in trying something you didn't try in the other comps anyways)

After discussion with my professor over my four comps, we came to the conclusion that the third comp was the strongest of the four. We also decided on things that would improve it, such as a background with low-opacity character sketches, the gradient in the lower part of the background, and color text. Essentially, this combines elements from all of my comps into one.