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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Band Logo Designs

In my Concepts class we were given a band name using a random band name generator website. The band name I was given was "Melon Morale". We were assigned to create what kind of band they would be, what their logos would look like, and who their target audience is.

After doing research, I came to the conclusion to do an all-girl Japanese pop group. This being because melons in Asian cultures are considered symbols of luck and unity. "Morale" being a word that describes happiness within a group. (Also I just really like J-Pop anyways so why not?)

Two different variants on a watermelon-based logo. Three seeds in the watermelon to represent the three members of the group. The Japanese text reads "Meron no shiki" which translates to "Morale of Melon". 

Logo with green stroke/border and melons in the type (left), and smaller initial logos (right)

Logo incorporating three melon characters to represent each group member.

The three melon characters. A cantaloupe, Japanese melon, watermelon.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Design Digital Methods: State Logo Assignment

Another assignment from my Design and Digital Methods class was to create a logo for an assigned state that was a vignette that focused on typography. I was given Florida, and chose to create a logo for the Sarasota Chalk Festival with two variations.

Main logo design.

Color variant for white/light colored backgrounds.

Variant with 'cracked sidewalk' background.

Digital Methods: Culture Motif Assignment

In my Digital Methods class our assignment was to research our assigned cultural motif and create a color scheme and illustration based off of it that would be used as a T-Shirt design. My cultural motif was "Hellenistic Vase Paintings".

Click for full-size view.

Above is the color scheme (left), the research and an example image of Hellenistic vase painting (middle), and the final illustration (right). Because the illustration had to be used as a T-Shirt design, I had to come up with a way to market "Hellenistic vase painting" with something popular enough to get someone to buy it. I chose to create a T-Shirt for the video game Soul Calibur because the game has several Greek inspired characters and takes place in a setting where Hellenistic art would have existed.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Naked Juice Ad Campaign

In Ad Graph we were assigned to create an ad campaign for a health-based product or company. I chose the Naked Juice Company.

 Print Ad Series. Click for full-sized version.

Animated Web Ad.

Billboard Design.

In-store Display Design.

Process Book Cover.